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To improve your content ranking, you’ll need some diamonds such as:
a. Properly written articles for persuasion
b. SEO generated traffic
c. Conversions

Like ABC! I will give you eyeballs on your content because of how beautifully written they will be with the keywords needed. I will stick to you closely like glue to give you 100% satisfaction.

Your articles will be:
1. SEO optimized
2. Targeted
3. Grammatically correct
4. Stylistically written
5. Persuasive

Requirements: Just send me your best keywords and what shall be done will be done on time in a few days, if not hours. No games or gimmicks because you are a valued rockstar in my eyes.

Guess what? If you are dissatisfied, I will offer to re-write it for you or refund you 100%. The aim is to make you feel valued.
Bonus: Order 3 gigs and you will get one for free!!!

PS: I want to hear from you my friend!

To success,

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