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MUST SEE! Top Page on the Google Search Engine is the Holy Grail of SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) You might find that is a faster way to get that position than even a fully trimmed out web site. Step-by-step instructions for doing just that are in this video by SEO Specialist, Randy Kirk. Randy is available for all kinds of marketing consulting in addition to SEO. He can help you with e-mail blasts, copy writing, PR, or develop a comprehensive plan for your company or a new product or service. His resume includes 6 published business books. The latest is called Running a 21st Century Small Business, published by Warner Business Books. It is available through and others. He has received a 5 star rating at Amazon. You can read the reviews. An earlier version of the book was part of a front page article by Inc. Magazine who called it one of the best 3 business books of that year. For more info Call 320-920-9649. email go to

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