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visit http://smartdigimarketing.com. Google warns site owners their site is not mobile-friendly in mobile search results.Smart Digital Marketing will make your site Mobile Friendly and save your site from falling behind. #number1seoagency. Smart digital Marketing has the top seo experts serving our clients and delivery best seo solutions in Dubai.

Do you know you have been losing customers because your website is NOT Mobile Friendly. There is a serious threat to your online presence. You can not afford to waste more time. We need to fix it right away.

It doesn’t seem fair that your competitors get away with so many clients when you are working harder than the others. You must understand what is stopping the customers from reaching you.

I just wanted to let you know, that I own a digital marketing agency and I was just searching for a keyword you have been ranking for from my cell phone. I came across your website but to my dismay your website is NOT mobile friendly. Are you aware there was a mobile friendly update that happened a year ago that’s affecting people’s rankings incredibly. If your website is not mobile friendly there is noway you can land on the first page of Google.

You have superior quality of services and products than those companies popping up on the first page and getting all the customers, you have been losing your customers to your competitors because your website has been pushed down by Google in the SERPS. It is important that you make your website mobile friendly as soon as possible. Google will be crushing non-mobile friendly websites significantly.

Not only that but I thought I’d send over the article that’ll tell you they’re really going to clamp down on it this way. Which means that your rankings could tumble, this May.

You can read about it here:


This means they’re going to tighten the screws down even further. Here’s a screen shot of you failing it from Googles website.

You can confirm this on your own by entering your site’s domain name here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-fri…
If you would like to know how to fix this to increase your rankings, we could do it pretty affordably.
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Kanwal Shahzad
Smart Digital Marketing


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